Colerain Township & Fire Department Letters
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Colerain Township & Fire Department Letters

December, 2009

Urgent Message From
Your Fire Department

Studies have shown that Ionization Smoke Detectors have a failure rate over 55% of the time in smoldering fires. 

Studies have also shown a high fatality rate related to smoldering fires which are the most common type fire that occurs in the residences.

The majority of smoke detectors that are installed are the ionization smoke detectors, but they did not activate in a timely manner, in some cases 30 minutes after the fire, where Photoelectric smoke detectors activate within seconds compared to minutes.

Warning the public
about ionization detectors


Colerain Township &
Fire Department Letters
Firefighters urge buying
photoelectric smoke detectors

"The ionization detectors are failing

people, they’re costing lives."

SWOFSC Position on Residential
Smoke Detectors  04 May, 2010

“Smoke Detectors Don’t Save Lives, at Least Not
the Most Commonly
Used Detectors
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Information about
              smoke alarm legislation
                    in the state of Ohio is:

Colerain Fire Department

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Colerain firefighter honored by Syrian

Shriners and Shriners Hospitals for Children

Colerain Township Captain Mark Walsh was recently honored with the 2011 Syrian Shrine Firefighter Award in burn prevention for his work in promoting smoke detector standards.

Colerain Township Captain Mark Walsh
and Syrian Shrine Potentate Jim Zimpher