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Dean & Doug’s
‘David vs Goliath’ Fight
July, 2010
Watch the film of how two father’s
passion and dedication to saving
lives helped change legislation in
a classic ‘David vs Goliath’ battle.

Fire Victims’ Fathers Want One Smoke Detector Required
Published 27 July, 2008 - ‘Columbus Dispatch’, Columbus Ohio, USA

"Two fathers who lost children in fires in off-campus rental houses plan to propose legislation
  to require photoelectric smoke detectors on each level of rental properties in Ohio.

Dean Dennis and John "Doug" Turnbull, both of south-western Ohio, have written their
  proposed bill and plan to ask a state representative and a state senator to sponsor it."

Fathers for Fire Safety in the Media
A Message from Down Under
15 August, 2011

To:  Dean Dennis & Doug Turnbull
                           Fathers For Fire Safety, Ohio, USA

From:  Adrian Butler, Chairman, WFSF

Dear Dean & Doug
The years of research is finally coming to
fruition.  Thanks to your work, new legislation
is in force in four cities in California, and now four in Ohio.

Your University of Cincinnati Smoke Detector Seminar is helping U.S., Australian, New Zealand and now UK Fire Departments come to an understanding of the safe alternatives to ionization smoke alarms.
Dean and Patty, we are especially pleased to hear of your success at the recent ICIE Conference (see below) for the “International Elite in Higher Education”.

Kim Holme’s Fox19 News story that aired last week has laid a rock-solid foundation for state-wide legislation.  Ohio will be the biggest state to legislate for photoelectric technology.  This could be the catalyst to finally break the story across America and eventually save thousands of lives right around the world.

Thank you.uc7.htmlfffs3.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1

Off-Campus and at Risk: The Hidden Fire Danger for Students
Published - 03 September, 2009, ‘The Hook’, Charlottesville VA, USA

"Doug Turnbull remembers the day he took his daughter Julie back to college to move
  into an off-campus house.  After the heavy lifting was done, he paused to ensure
  she'd be able to escape if a fire broke out."

Read the story  Here > > >

Listen to the Podcast:  Here > > >

Courteney Stuart
Senior Editor, The Hook

The Hook - Sept 09
FFFS - Cover Story

“Here is what is ironic.  We are the greatest technological nation on Earth.
 We can have troops on the other side of  the globe and a soldier can be
 pinned down under enemy fire and radio for help.  We have the capacity
 to surgically send a missile to take out the threat against that soldier.

 However, we knowingly let people go to sleep at night with a product we
 call a smoke alarm that has trouble detecting smoke.  What is shameful
 is that good people have been alerting us to this problem for decades
 and it has been intentionally ignored.”
from an email sent to CBS Atlanta about  their 
‘Deadly Smoke Detectors’ exposé, 11 March, 2010

Southwest Ohio Fire Safety

Council Position Paper on

Residential Smoke Detectors

Dean Dennis M.Ed, B.A., CISM
Doug Turnbull

Credit: Emilie Raguso

Credit: Emilie Raguso

 Here > > >afdo.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0

Dean Dennis & Doug Turnbull

on CBS’s ‘Deadly Smoke Detectors’

“The couch smoldered for
 hours, it filled the house up
 with smoke.  By the time the
 first one went off, the three
 kids were already dead . . .
 seventeen smoke detectors
 wasn’t enough to save those
 three kids.”
Deadly Smoke Detectors
From: Dean Dennis
    To: Jennifer Mayerle, Journalist, CBS, Atlanta, USA:
Ohio’s Pending Statewide,
      Smoke Alarm Legislation:

The World Fire Safety Foundation
Adrian Butler
Co-Founder, Chairman, former firefighter
Queensland, Australia
Professor Maureen Paparella
First Vice President ICIE
IT Director, Monmouth University, NJ, USA
International Council for Innovation
in Higher Education (ICIE)
“I am so thankful that the. conference received much.
publicity . . .  I cannot.
thank you enough.
for all you did!”
A Message to.
Dean & Patty Dennis: