Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Legislation
California - Albany
Albany City Council Ordinance 2010-06:
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Albany City Council Staff Reports:
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Alameda County, California
Population: 16,444
Albany Fire Department Websitehttp://www.AlbanyPAC.orgshapeimage_9_link_0

"I call for the immediate removal
of the
fraudulent, “deadly”, ionization
smoke alarm from all stores
and homes
before more people are
.maimed or killed.

Chief Marc McGinn

Albany Fire Department

Albany, California, USA

July, 2010

Albany Fire Chief

Marc McGinn

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Complete story about
the battle behind
California’s first
photoelectric-only city
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"This is the most important safety.
issue our City Council has.
addressed and I am hoping.
representatives of other.
cities across the state.
will follow our example."
Joanne Wile
"Who even knows there are two kinds of alarms? . . . 
  We all came to the same conclusion after hearing everything.”
Marge Atkinson (1st left)  from San Francisco Chronicle, 15 Aug, 2010
Albany California Council Members Listening to Evidence about inherent Defects with Ionization Smoke Alarms

Credit: Emilie Raguso