Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Legislation
USA:  Ohio
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“The Dads (Dean Dennis
 & Doug Turnbull) are
 now working with State
 Senator Bill Seitz to
 pass a State law.”
Are You Using the Right Smoke Detector?
Several Ohioan cities have legislated to mandate photoelectric-only
smoke alarms.  Fox 19’s Kimberley Holme’s story explains why Ohio
is moving to enact state-wide legislation.
01 March, 2011
by Kimberley Holmes

Firefighters Awarded for Commitment
to Promoting Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Senator Bill Seitz

Ohio’s 8th Senate District

Ohio State Fire Marshal’s
Smoke Alarm Task Force

Ohio - Capital: Columbus
Population: 11.5M Rank: 7th

Larry Flowers
State Fire Marshal

Chief Kevin Jacobs
Shaker Heights Fire Department

Three Ohioan Cities Mandate
Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

22 July, 2011  |  Ohio, USA

10 March, 2011  |  Ohio, USA

Dean Dennis M.Ed, B.A., CISM

Ohio State Fire Marshal Larry Flower’s task force to investigate photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms.