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The World Fire Safety Foundation
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URGENT Pro Bono Help Needed

The World Fire Safety Foundation is a not for profit organisation.

We are totally self-funded and need urgent assistance from an Australian law firm, or a retired lawyer or judge.

‘Smoke Alarms’  |  Lead story, Channel Nine 6pm News  |  10 May, 2011
“Fire Services have known the ionization alarms
 have failed Australian Standards since 1993.

 The code was improved but never adopted
 allowing manufacturers to keep selling them.”
“There are many people in graves
 today in Australia because they
 thought that they had the right
 type of alarm when they didn’t.”
Chief McGinn
Darren Curtis, Senior Reporter, Channel 9 News
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Darren Curtis
Marc McGinn, Retired Fire Chief
Albany, California, USA
2. See the Lead Story on the 6pm News
    10 May, 2011  |  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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1. Watch the Trailers
4. Examine the Proposed Class Action Lawsuit
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     Due to the ongoing thirty year ionization smoke alarm fraud, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Australian lives will continue to be  needlessly lost.  Empirical scientific evidence and legal precedence can help STOP this needless loss of life.

     We have made substantial progress in the past eleven years in exposing this fraud which leads to thousands of needless deaths and injuries around the world every year.

     We are seeking legal assistance with applications under the Freedom of Information Act and other matters - our previous attempts with Freedom of Information Applications failed.


  1. 1.Watch the two trailers below (1 minute 58 seconds),

  2. 2.See the lead story on the 6pm News | 10 May, 2011 (2 minutes, 11 seconds),

  3. 3.Hear the ABC interview, (9 minutes, 25 seconds),

  4. 4.Examine the proposed Class Action Law Suit (how quick can you read?),

  5. 5.Read the latest Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Magazine report, ‘Ionization Smoke Alarms are DEADLY’, (4 minutes), then . . .

  6. 6.PLEASE - Email or Call us (details below) . . .

Adrian Butler

The World Fire Safety Foundation

Chairman, Co-Founder, former full-time firefighter

or Call:

+61 409 782 166

Thank You!

P.S. If you are not in a position to offer some Pro Bono legal help at this time, please make sure you install

       photoelectric smoke alarms in your home and tell all your family, friends, colleagues and clients.

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“Early warning is the key to surviving smoldering fires - the deadliest kind of home
fire.  ‘Ionization-only’ smoke detectors ... are slow to warn, if they warn at all
of smoldering fires, which typically occur while the occupants are sleeping.”
Second Amended Class Action Complaint And Jury Demand - Introduction, page 1, para 1
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro’s proposed Class-Action Lawsuit alleges
“prohibited practices, unfair, deceptive and unconscionable conduct”
by some of the world’s largest ionization smoke alarm manufacturers:http://www.hbsslaw.com/cases-and-investigations/smokedetectorsshapeimage_27_link_0
"Defendants’ conduct described herein constitutes prohibited practices,
unfair, deceptive and unconscionable conduct under the unfair
and deceptive trade practices acts of 32 states . . .”
Second Amended Class Action Complaint And Jury Demand 
VI. CLAIMS, Count 1, clause 85, page 34, para 1
6. Help expose the 30 year global ionization smoke alarm fraud
    and  help save thousands of deaths and injuries every year:

The World Fire Safety

Foundation is non profit

Our Mission
Stop The Children Burning

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Official Position
Ionization Smoke Alarms
‘Will Your Fire Alarm Save You?’
 ABC Radio Interview  |  05 May, 2011 http://blogs.abc.net.au/queensland/2011/05/will-your-fire-alarm-save-you.html?site=brisbane&program=612_morningshapeimage_40_link_0
Click to Listen
 9 min 25 seconds

Madonna King
award-winning journalist, commentator and authorhttp://today.ninemsn.com.au/meettheteam/326589/madonna-kingshapeimage_43_link_0
3. Hear the ABC interview
    05 May, 2011  |  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Power Of The Media
And The Public To Make Change

by Madonna King

In a world of big government and big
business, individuals can still make a
difference - especially when their fight
sparks the media's interest and the
survival instincts of politicians.

More > > >http://www.seekbooks.com.au/featuredbook1.asp?bookid=9780702235078&preview=showshapeimage_46_link_0
5. Read the VFFA’s latest Magazine (Dec, 2011)

“Check out our TV campaign.  See how the Volunteer Fire Fighters..

Association and the World Fire Safety Foundation are going to tell the..

public the truth about ionization  smoke alarms, and how you can help us.”

Peter Cannon, President

Volunteer Fire Fighters Association

VFFA/WFSF Global TV Campaign to Reveal Truth about Ionization Alarms

Peter Cannon, President, VFFA, VFFA Magazine, Dec, 2011

Email Me:

Here > > >http://www.nfptv.com/vffashapeimage_48_link_0