The S.A.F.E. Report
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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“It’s Time to Warn
our Fire Fighters!”

The S.A.F.E. Report  (COMING SOON!)

Warning authorities about
defective smoke alarms in
most homes globally

The KEY Report follows up The CAN Report (Feb 2007) which warned authorities about the defective
ionization type of smoke alarms found in almost all homes globally, i.e that ionization smoke alarms

do not safely activate in the earliest, most critical stage of fire detection - when it is still smouldering.

See: The CAN Report

The KEY Report

Published: 09 Aug, 2009  | Update: COMING SOON

“ Ionization smoke alarms may not operate in time to alert occupants early enough
   to escape from smouldering fires.”

Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authority Council, 01 June, 2006, - page 9  

The S.A.F.E. Report
Published: 09 August, 2009


“Given the weight of evidence surrounding the efficiency of different smoke alarm types,
  it is not enough that standards, regulatory, and fire safety organisations recommend
  photoelectric smoke alarms - they have a duty of care to warn the public of the known,
  life-threatening limitations of ionization smoke alarms.”

Karl Westwell, Co Founder, WFSF,’A Special Duty of Care’ - page 16

The CAN Report
Published: 27 Feb, 2007

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“ It’s Time to Warn our Fire Fighters.”

Authorities have a Duty of Care to warn the public about the known and scientifically proven defects
inherent in all ionization smoke alarms (whether now or old, battery or hard-wired).

“Studies have shown that ionization smoke alarms have a failure rate of over 50% of the
  time in smoldering fires . . . We are asking everyone to replace their ionization smoke
  detectors with photoelectric detectors ”

Captain Mark Walsh, from ‘The Colerain Fire Department Letters’ - page 5  

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Positions on Smoke Alarms

(currently The KEY Report)

The Smoke Alarm Fraud Exposed Report

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A Must-Read Report for every Fire Industry Professional
Note: The next edition of the ‘KEY Report’ is being renamed ‘The S.A.F.E. Report’