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A year after Colin Zonneveld lost five family
members in Waihi, New Zealand, four children
died in Tasmania.

Both families had working ionization smoke alarms
and in each case two children that were sleeping
over, died.

Discover the truth behind why hundreds
of millions of homes around the world have smoke
alarms fitted that fail to activate until “dangerously
high” and “totally unacceptable” levels of smoke.

Find out what you can do to properly protect your
family from fire.

Ray Martin - ACA Presenter
“... but unless the worst happens, how can we be sure that
the thing actually works?”

David Isaac - Fire Industry Expert
“If the fire develops a long smouldering phase, that fills the house with smoke, it’s unlikely the smoke alarm will work.”

Richard Patton - FPE, USA
“the ionization alarm is a piece of junk ... I would like to see
the Government force a recall.”

Making the Documentary
“The public need the education. Adrian Butler is doing his bit with a documentary called ‘Stop The Children Burning’.”

Adrian Butler - Campaigner
“They’ve got these ionization alarms ... the damn things are
so ineffective it’s unbelievable ...”

Colin Zonneveld - Fire Victim
“Mother, daughter, partner, niece nephew, all gone ...  We thought
we were doing the right thing.”

Elise Mooney - ACA & David Isaac
“If manufacturers are aware of this
why aren’t they alerting the public?”

Elise Mooney on the Site of the Scotchtown Tragedy
“It’s not by chance that the Crusade chose this remote north-west tip of Tasmania to launch their documentary. This was the site of a tragic house
fire that killed four children, but the Fire Brigade says there was no
physical evidence, at this stage*, of any smoke detectors in the property.”

Aired on Australian prime-time TV, ‘A Current Affair’ - 22 September, 2004

*The Tasmanian Coroner subsequently ruled that a smoke alarm was present.

Stop The Children Burning - Tasmanian Launch Brochure:

The untold true story behind two of
the worst home fire tragedies in
New Zealand and Australian history

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In 2006 ‘The International Crusade Against Fire Deaths’ changed it’s name to ‘The World Fire Safety Foundation’

‘Stop The Children Burning’

After you have properly protected your
own family, please - help spread the word

Stop The Children Burning  - DVD Cover