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The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Hi there

The World Fire Safety Foundation is a Not-For-Profit organisation.
They have proof from Fire Departments in Australia and America
that the type of smoke alarms in almost EVERY home are NOT safe
(even though they may be hard-wired and may go off when cooking
toast or showering!).  Check it out for yourself at:



Vermont, USA

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Karl Westwell

The truth about smoke alarms has been kept from the public and firefighters for decades.  The toll from needless deaths and injuries

is conservatively into the hundreds of thousands.

You can help bring this to an end - please help spread the message

to everyone you know, because together we really can . . .

Stop the Children Burning.

Thank you.

Adrian Butler


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YOUR Life AND the Lives of Your Local Firefighters are at Needless Risk

Government scientific data proves the type of smoke alarms in the majority of homes, whether new or old, battery or hard-wired, are dangerously defective (even though they may go off when you are cooking or taking a shower).

Visit The World Fire Safety Foundation’s website and find out what you can do to properly protect the lives of your family AND the lives of your local firefighters - NOW!



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Evil Persists When Good People Do Nothing

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