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The World Fire Safety Foundation
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A Message to ALL Toronto Citizens
from the World Fire Safety Foundation

The Foundation believes YOUR lives are at needless risk as a
direct result of flawed testing of ionization smoke alarms by
Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

How could this be possible?

Examine the evidence on these pages and discover the facts
for yourself:

Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC)
7 Underwriters Road, Toronto, Canada

“Most fatal fires occur at night when people are
sleeping.  A working smoke alarm will detect
smoke and sound to alert you”

Has ULC Misled YOU?

UL is the corporation that gives its ‘seal of approval’ to the ‘working’ ionization type of smoke alarms found in almost every Canadian home.

Is ULC’s testing of smoke alarms scientifically valid?

The World Fire Safety Foundation has compelling evidence which indicates ULC may have committed ‘Scientific Misconduct’ (i.e. scientific fraud) with it’s ionization smoke alarms testing.

If ULC’s Testing is Invalid - What Does this Mean to YOU?

Watch the two short films on the next page and discover the facts for yourself . . .

The integrity of UL’s scientific testing of ionization smoke alarms has been under scrutiny since UL said they would address their flawed testing in a 1978 ‘Business Week Magazine’ article.

In this report, Chief Jay Fleming of the Boston Fire Department stated:

Attention: ALL Toronto Citizens
Ionization smoke alarms are in almost every Toronto home.  Legal precedence,
firefighter and scientific testing prove they are INEFFECTIVE because they will
NOT safely detect smoldering fires, the type of fire that commonly kills.

Toronto - Discover The TRUTH For YOURSELF! 

The Toronto Fire Service (TFS) ‘Smoke Alarms’ pamphlet does not mention
that there are two types of smoke alarms, photoelectric and ionization.

Almost every citizen in Toronto has the ionization type.

The TFS brochure states:

Washington Post’s
Award-Winning, Expose

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Department

“While an alarm may sound in UL
Labs it may not go off in a home... “

Download this brochure
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There are two
Types of Smoke Alarms
Ionization and Photoelectric

“A Working Smoke Alarm Will Detect Smoke . . .”

Toronto Sky-Line

Toronto_1:  Has ULC Deceived YOU?

Toronto_3: The UL Letters  

Toronto_2:  ULC - Flawed Testing?

Canadian FireFighters
What is the
Official Position of your
292,000 member International
Association of FireFighter’s Union? 

‘Silent Alarms’
Why has the truth been kept from
Canadian and US firefighters after
CTV’s award winning documentary
exposed ionization alarms on
national Canadian TV in Jan 2000?

ALL Canadian FireFighters

“Using better smoke alarms will drastically reduce
the loss of life among citizens and firefighters . . .”

IAFF Press Release, 29 October, 2008   

‘Silent Alarms’  -  Jan 2000
Has the Toronto Fire
Service Been Misled?:
(by the NFPA, UL and NIST)