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Golinski Coronial Inquiry - Letters to the Queensland State Coroner
1. Letter from The World Fire Safety Foundation. QLD, Australia - 29 December, 2011

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Chief Fleming Letter to State Coroner, Dec, 11
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Golinski Coronial Inquiry - Letters to the Queensland State Coroner
2. Letter (and documents) from Chief Jay Fleming, Boston Fire Department, MA, USA - 31 December, 2011
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AFAC Letter to Comm. Fraser, Boston FD, Feb, 07
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Chief Jay Fleming Resume, Dec, 11
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IAFF Resolution Photoelectric Smoke Alarms, Aug, 08
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AFAC Position on Smoke Alarms, June, 06
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QFRS Wake Up To Smoke Alarms, July, 07
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Jay Fleming is the Deputy Chief of the Boston Fire Department in Massachusetts, USA.  He has been researching smoke alarms for over twenty years.

His Ionization vs Photoelectric research papers were used in assisting all Australian & New Zealand Fire Brigades formulate their change of position on smoke alarms in June 2006 - to only recommend photoelectric alarms.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for Chief Fleming’s letter to Queensland’s State Coroner about the smoke alarms that neighbours said they heard on the night of the fire in the Golinski’s home.

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Dept, USA
Smoke Alarm Expert
Chief Jay Fleming, Deputy Chief of the
Boston Fire Department writes to
Queensland’s State Coroner
"There were absolutely horrific noises,
screams, coming out of the house, then
he was screaming, first for his family,
and then because pain became a factor."
Gary Siljac
BADLY burned and screaming for his girls, celebrity chef Matt Golinski lay in agony on his driveway for 30 minutes before an ambulance arrived, after trying frantically to save his wife and three young daughters from the inferno destroying their home.
. . . neighbours reported hearing smoke alarms and then, almost immediately, screaming from inside the home.

Celebrity chef Matt Golinski struck by fire tragedy

SARAH ELKS AND SEAN PARNELL   The Australian   December 27, 2011 12:14PM

Mr Golinski's long-time love, Rachael, their 12-year-old twin daughters, Sage and Willow, who suffered from a disability affecting their mobility, and
youngest daughter Starlia, 10, died in the fire.
"He is unbelievably committed to
his work and to his family and
is easily the most talented chef
I've ever worked with."
Matt Golinski
Firies critical of older alarms
Patrick Williams | 30th December 2011

CHANGE your smoke alarm. Don't just check it.

That is the message of the World Fire Safety Foundation in the wake of the tragic Boxing Day fire that claimed the lives of four members of the Golinski family at Tewantin.

The foundation is pushing Australians to ditch their current smoke alarms in favour of a photoelectric type that has a better track record than ionisation smoke alarms.  Former firefighter and foundation chairman Adrian Butler estimated 95% of Australian homes were fitted with ionisation alarms.

. . . Noosa fire station officer Brian Riley said ionisation alarms were still for sale because
they "complied with safety standards".
Rachael, Starlia, Sage & Wilow Golinski
Read about Australia’s defective smoke
alarm standard in the Coroner’s letters below:
“To see the pain that that guy was going through because he
couldn't save his family, was just - it will be with me forever”
Travis McNamara
Reporter, Channel 10
“The community has.
 been deeply effected.
 by this awful tragedy.
. . . just 3 o’clock in.
   the morning - they.
awoke to the screams.
 of Matt Golinski.
His  wife and three.
children perished.
inside their.
family home.”
They heard the smoke alarms - then screaming . . .
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