The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Smoke Detector Seminar
College of Engineering
& Applied Sciences
What Type of Smoke Detector/Alarms Should Fire Departments
Recommend to the Public - Ionization, Photoelectric or Dual?
28 June, 2010:
Part 1 03 min:  Opening Address 
Part 2 07min:  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Testing Exposed
Part 3 28min:  Captain Russell Ashe, Barre City F.D.
Part 4 15min:  Captain Russell Ashe - Barre City F.D. - Q & A
Part 5 26min:  Dr B. Don Russell, Ph.D., Texas A & M University 
Part 6 12min:  Dr B Don Russell, Ph.D., Texas A & M University - Q & A
Part 7 34min:  Fathers for Fire Safety, Cincinnati, Ohio
Part 8 06min:  Fathers For Fire Safety, Cincinnati, Ohio - Q & A
Part 9 27min:  Fire Chiefs Round Table
Part 10 159min:  Complete Seminar on University of Cincinnati Websiteuc1.htmluc2.htmluc3.htmluc4.htmluc5.htmluc6.htmluc7.htmluc8.htmluc9.html
The World Fire Safety Foundation thanks
the Fire Science Department of the
University  of Cincinnati for permission
to reproduce these videos
Chief  BJ Jetter, PhD
William (BJ) Jetter, Ph.D. MIFireE, CFO, OFE, CHSIII, Fire Chief
Sycamore Township EMs & Fire Department, Ohio, USA
Part 9: Fire Chiefs Round Table Discussion
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“I think what we need to tell people is pretty
 simple. Do you want to live or die?
 And if you want to live, and
 you want to get out in time,
 then buy a photoelectric detector.
 If you want to roll the dice . . .
 then buy an ionization.”
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