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Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  - 3 of 4
UL’s Testimony at Albany City Council Hearings
UL Testimony at Albany City Council
Smoke Alarm Ordinance Hearings
I encourage all Fire Chiefs, Fire Marshals, and Fire Officials to use any or all information as it pertains to the Albany
Fire Department’s Staff Reports and City of Albany Fire Prevention Ordinance (below).  We have all taken an oath, whether
implied or expressed, to protect the lives of our citizens by employing the best fire prevention methods known and available.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this Ordinance will surely provide the best fire protection to your community.  I want to thank
the World Fire Safety Foundation (WFSF) for providing me with all the research information.  Moreover, the WFSF put me
in contact with nationally renowned Fire Protection Engineer, Richard Patton; and the two Ohio fathers, Dean Dennis
and Doug Turnbull who tragically lost their daughters in separate house fires due to the failure of ionization alarms.

These three men attended the Albany City Council Meeting’s second reading of the Ordinance when they heard UL and
Kidde were going to attend in attempt to try and block the Ordinance.  Richard, Dean, and Doug assisted me in passing
this paramount ordinance with an emphatic 5-0 vote from Council.  This was a team effort and would not have been
possible without their attendance, the WFSF’s research, and everyone’s encouragement.

Marc McGinn, Albany (CA) Fire Chief, 1992 - presentrmpatton.htmlfffs.htmlfffs.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2
After Chief McGinn’s presentation, the Council voted unanimously
to pass the first reading of the proposed smoke alarm ordinance.
Albany City Council Makes
a Stand for Consumer Protection
Chief McGinn explains the dangerous defects inherent
in ionization alarms and the safe photoelectric alternatives
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Ionization Smoke Alarm Testing Exposed

A Message from Albany Fire Chief, Marc McGinn

Chief Marc McGinn

UL Representative, Howard Hopper F.P.E.:
“There are some fire officials around that have seen.
 the videos that you have seen and these we.
 would call them more of demonstrations.”
Dr Don B Russell, PhD, Texas A & M University:
“The smoke was there - it was scientifically measured.
on both sides of the smoke detectors, it is clearly.
thick and those smoke detectors weren’t going. 
off . . . Their (UL’s) science isn’t any good. . .”
Richard Patton, F.P.E.
Chairman, World’s First Fire Detection Code:
“This is the test for the smouldering fire at.
Underwriters Laboratories.  They put ponderosa.
pines sticks on a hot plate, heat it to 700 degrees,.
create a type of smoke that will set the detector off..
So they have a false test for the smouldering fire.
test . . . This is why we have the confusion. . .”
Read the Award-Winning
Washington Post Exposé

Chief McGinn’s Closing Statement to the Albany City Council is: Here > > >

“It’s critical to not have alarms that are going to be
 deactivated or miss out on certain types of fires . . .”
from Vice Mayor Farid Javandel’s summation
when adopting Albany’s Smoke Alarm Ordinance
Vice Mayor Farid Javandel
Why don’t UL listed ionization ‘smoke’ alarms activate in a
 room full of smoke?  UL’s John Drengenberg: “I really don’t know”
Despite a concerted effort by UL, Kidde and others, Albany
City Council voted 5-0 in favour of photoelectric smoke alarms.
See Dean Dennis’ & Doug Turnbulls’
University of Cincinnati Presentation
Why are People Dying in Fires With
Working UL Listed Smoke Alarms?
How Safe are Products
Bearing the UL Mark?
“I was appalled when I heard Kidde
 was going to be here and I was
 appalled when I heard Underwriters
 Laboratories was going to be here.

 They are here for one reason. Profits.
 They want to protect monetary
 interest ... we want to protect your kids.”
Dean Dennis M.Ed B.S. CISM
Doug Turnbull
Two Fathers who lost their daughters came from Ohio in support of Albany’s
Fire Chief and City Council to properly protect their citizens from fire

Credit: Emilie Raguso

Credit: Emilie Raguso

Campaigners Support Albany Legislation
More about Albany’s Stand.
to Mandate Photoelectrics:
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